Getting ahead of yourself on Tinder…

Ok so I think it’s VERY CLEAR from my last post that I use tinder. Now when I first started using this app my breakup was still pretty raw; self confidence was at an all time low and I felt a bit lost in terms of having that “person” to talk to.

Tinder could not have been better for me, in all honesty I owe how well I’ve coped with this split to tinder (and one mystery man I had a wild night with… But more on that later kids)

Getting matches from good looking guys, being asked to go for drinks, being able to just be my geeky weird yet surprisingly smooth self and guys loving it was great at first.. Now my only issue is what do I do with all these guys? 

Note: I do not mean this in a “look at me I’m so popular” way – I shall explain.

I’m chatting to about 5 or 6 guys at the moment consistently and have been now for about 2 weeks. They’re all nice, they all bring something different to the table, they all want to/have already taken me out for some drinks and I’m having fun but now it’s like OH SNAP WHO DO I PICK?

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely do not want a boyfriend AT ALL but I feel extremely odd talking so deeply, meeting up with, and in one case yes I’ve slept with one guy. How long can you keep that up for? Are they talking to as many girls? Will they think badly of me if they found out? AM I JUST OVERTHINKING THIS?

Seriously SOMEONE HELP. I’m far too new to this crap. 

I shall update later in the week as I am going for drinks with two of the six guys… Oops. Maybe I should casually bring this up by asking how well they are doing on tinder? Gosh. Why is dating so hard?

I just want someone to eat pizza, get drunk, watch Harry Potter and engage in some adult cuddling with. SIGH.



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