My First Grown Up Date

Ok so I’ve been on dates before, but it’s either a friend or I’ve already met the person a few times and then we go out and so on.

Last night I had my first date where I hadn’t met the guy and we’d only been speaking for a couple of days… It was a proper “pick you up at 8” style date.


I actually drank a whole bottle of prosecco beforehand because I physically could not cope with the stress.

I had a melt down about what to wear and how to do my hair and I am NOT girly in the slightest.

I kept panicking about the greeting, do I shake his hand? Hug him? What if he goes for a kiss on the cheek and I miss and kiss his eyeball?? What if I fall over? What if I dribble my drink? All of these are worrying possibilities and all of these HAVE HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE.

Well anyway I got slightly pissed and headed off on the date and well… 


Polite, funny, no break in conversation it flowed, I could be myself, there was a bit of sick humour which is like 30% of my normal humour so that was greeeat

Everything went so well until I accidentally elbowed the guy sitting behind me in the head causing him to fall forwards into his table and spill all their drinks… Oops.

I immediately thought “oh great that’s me done” but then awkward angels came to save the day.

During our conversation about swear words, the WHOLE PUB went quiet as he said the sentence

“I like a bit of c*ck, sometimes c*nt”

Oh the looks he got. OH IT MADE MY DAY. We both decided to move on to another pub where we proceeded to get drunk to end the date nicely.

And I was so grown up I didn’t even sleep with him – HAZAH!


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