End of a 2-month era..

Okay so this guy I was *sort of* seeing (I’m sure we all know what I mean OI OI) has now been sacked and has vacated my life.

He didn’t really do anything wrong, but feelings started to get involved and it was beginning to get messy – and shockingly the feelings were on his side not mine!?

Last week I was out clubbing, feelin’ good, with a few mates, one of them of the male variety, when mystery man comes bowling over OFF HIS FACE drunk and gets all jealous and possessive and quite frankly I was mortified.

He apologised the next day for pushing my male friend, he didn’t even remember it, so I left it at that and put it down to him just being wasted.


He was supposed to come to mine for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ sesh, but during the day he got plastered again at a beer festival. 

AGAIN, understandable, I was not annoyed, until he kept drunk calling and texting me all day and night and when I did answer he was talking pure poop.

I was blatantly annoyed about some stuff he was saying & his mates were yelling in the background, so he goes,

Please don’t say I’ve f*cked this up, I’m starting to fall in love with you”

I’m not naive, I know he isn’t, but i can tell feelings are there. And with the jealousy, the constant drunk calling and throwing the L word around flippantly.. Well quite frankly I was done. And a bit freaked out so soon after my last relationship.

I simply said I have zero feelings on my side, we are just friends, so it’s better to stop our arrangement now before someone gets hurt.

He was ok about it, but ironically I’m the one that’s left feeling a bit hurt, just because I feel a bit crap about doing that. Started to overthink myself and worry I was being too cold and too bitchy, but ultimately I wasn’t I was just doing the right thing. Right?????


If the feelings aren’t the same, then get back into the game


Note: I’m not a man-eater that was purely a joke….ish



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